Hi, My name is Yvonne Rivers, and I am the Host of Birth Moms Real Talk podcast.

Birth Moms Real Talk is a platform of engagement of Birth Mom to Birth Mom Chat about their journeys and a vibrant “No- Holds” barred “Hot Topic” segment where we talk about “The Rest of the Story “about adoption.


My background

I am a global business consultant, speaker, strategist, and communicator in social enterprises across the globe providing Empowerment and Purpose.

My mission

We seek to allow listeners from all backgrounds, adoption or not to tune-in as we open the “vault of emotions” and process them in a meaningful manner and steady the “Roller-Coaster Ride” of emotions in the adoption triad and life.

"This podcast is an amazing resource and I highly, highly recommend it!"


Mrs. A Listener
Washington, DC

What to expect from Birth Moms Real Talk?

We will publish bi-weekly on Saturdays at 7:00 AM EST.

Segments will include:

  • Birth Mom Story and Chat
  • “Hot Topic” discussion
    • Weekly Facebook LIVE with BMRT guests
    • Answer questions from BMRT
  • Facebook Page
  • Provide access to resources and tools for Healing and Growth.


  • Available on:
    • Apple podcast & iTunes
    • Spotify
    • Google Podcast
    • iHeart Radio
    • TuneIn
    • Amazon Music
    • Stitcher
    • Gaana


"This is a lively and poignant conversation between birth mothers!


Mrs. A Listener
Chicago, IL

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