52: Shanae – “ Believe Your Truth – You Belong Here “

By D Yvonne Rivers | 12/03/2022 |

Shanae remembers the age of 9 and 1/2 so vividly. This time in her life was very challenging and brought forth many traumas that disrupted her life. This life-changing moment gave way to her ‘gift’ of writing her feelings in a journal. This was her “ coping” method. Shanae faced doubts of her ‘ truth’ by the adults…

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51: Cindy – “ I Didn’t Know Much “ When I Went Away “

By D Yvonne Rivers | 11/04/2022 |

Cindy shares her experience of being a 15-year-old birth mom living in the Midwest. Cindy had a ‘ different family situation “ as she describes her life.  Cindy had a sibling with autism which translated into her being a caregiver. Family legacy was missing from both her mom’s and dad’s families. Cindy says she grew…

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50: Cathryn – ” I Need to Tell You”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 10/28/2022 |

Cathryn grew up in a very strict family. Her religious background shaped her youth. She described herself as a ‘ rule follower”. She felt she was “ in the way” in the home growing up. Cathryn had unconscious memories about giving birth to her daughter. Cathryn experienced PTSD while in therapy which prompted her to search for…

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49: Donna – “ No One Asked Me Who – “

By D Yvonne Rivers | 10/21/2022 |

Donna grew up in a home of “Fear and Unknowns”. She faced the traumatic experience of molestation. Donna became a birth mother at the age of 13. Donna’s siblings escaped all the family shame, remorse, and guilt just as she went down various paths seeking healing. Keeping secrets prompted her family to tell Donna to hide…

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48: Beth – “I Made It Through in Spite of My Trauma”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 10/14/2022 |

Beth’s journey started in a family that brought her many heartaches. She wondered how to deal with the many family losses, emotional grief, and trauma. Grief and trauma are not a simple process as Beth was told. She faced many challenges and “ She Made it Through “. Beth shares her view to society’s messaging…

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47: Alycea – “A Birthmother’s Path to Wholeness”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 10/07/2022 |

Alycea was a teenager at 17 living on her own when she discovered she was pregnant. Though her independence and struggle in everyday life, she realized that she could not care for herself and her child, Alycea had an older sister to teach her life skills at 17 when most only start at age 21. She…

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46: Courtney – “ I Found My Worth as a Mom at 17”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 09/30/2022 |

Courtney spoke of having a “feeling” she was pregnant and facing denial for a few moments. She quickly went into action and reached out and was “ghosted” in the true sense of the word. She found resources on the bus route, found an adoption counselor and made the life- changing decision to place her child…

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45: Brandy – ‘ I Didn’t Think I had a Choice “

By D Yvonne Rivers | 09/23/2022 |

Brandy grew up in a small rural town exposed to foster homes at an early age. She was a child of teenage parents. Brandy grew up quickly with the life circumstances that she experienced. She said she spent a ‘ Summer of Love with her 16-year-old boyfriend to learn going back to school that she herself would be…

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44: Angie – “I Broke Through My Shame”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 09/17/2022 |

Angie talked about her “less than perfect” childhood which caused her to experience shame, unworthiness in her life. Angie is now working in her “purpose” in helping other birthmothers like herself. She talked about how “Important it is to be “Heard” as a Birthmother and be shown compassion and care. We sometimes see familiar family…

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43: Candace – “I Am Good Enough to Be a Mother”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 09/09/2022 |

Candace went through life without a tremendous amount of self-esteem. She talks about her family traditions of doing what they needed to do. She had a resilient spirit. Candace realized that she had more than she lacked to be a mother.

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