Episode 29 – Laura – “ You’ll Forget This Ever Happened”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 05/20/2022 |

As soon as Laura announced to her parents that she was pregnant, she was driven on a late-night ride to a military base where her father confronted the birth father. Laura’s childhood convinced her that her knight will come for her on a white horse to rescue her.Laura held onto this ray of hope believing…

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Episode 28 – Rebekkah – “ I Finally Knew What I Wanted”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 05/13/2022 |

Rebekkah’s childhood was a lifestyle of many twists and turns, She experienced adoption first hand when she was adopted by her step- father. She talked about how it felt to receive her second birth certificate, it was even a different color. In college, Rebekkah developed her independent spirit. Her move to Atlanta gave her the direction…

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27: Mother’s Day – “Angie, Ashley and Laura”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 05/06/2022 |

We interview 3 Birth Mothers for this special podcast to celebrate Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is such an emotional holiday. Will our child, call, text, or send flowers?  Will they remember me as their mother, if we are in reunion? If we are not in reunion, are they thinking about me. Angie, Ashley, and Laura…

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26: Alycea – “A Birthmother’s Path to Wholeness”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 04/29/2022 |

Alycea was a teenager at 17 living on her own when she discovered she was pregnant. Though her independence and struggle in everyday life, she realized that she could not care for herself and her child, Alycea had an older sister to teach her life skills at 17 when most only start at age 21. She…

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25: Courtney – “ I Found My Worth as a Mom at 17”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 04/15/2022 |

Courtney spoke of having a “feeling” she was pregnant and facing denial for a few moments. She quickly went into action and reached out and was “ghosted” in the true sense of the word. She found resources on the bus route, found an adoption counselor and made the life- changing decision to place her child…

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24: Nicole – The ‘Touch’ that Changed My Life

By D Yvonne Rivers | 04/01/2022 |

Nicole at an early age did not have a stable home. At the age of 10, her extended family became her support. Nicole worked through her anger as a “mean girl’ as she called herself. He life became a love-hate relationships with her mother. After high school, Nicole found her ‘voice” to overcome a chaotic life…

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23: Nikki – I Am Always A Mom

By D Yvonne Rivers | 03/18/2022 |

Nikki shares her journey about she is always a mom whether she is with her child her not. Her pathway to healing and empowerment comes through her love and sharing spirit with other birth moms as she navigates this journey. She shares about the years of not seeing her child and pending reunion.

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22: Yvonne – I Felt Like I Could Breathe Again

By D Yvonne Rivers | 03/04/2022 |

In a way, this is my own Birth Moms Real Talk episode from an interview with Damon L. Davis, host of the “Who Am I Really?” podcast. We discussed my reunion with my son after more than 40 years apart. I shared the loneliness of my pregnancy, my desire to keep her son versus against…

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21: Angie – “I Broke Through My Shame”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 02/11/2022 |

Angie talked about her “less than perfect” childhood which caused her to experience shame, unworthiness in her life. Angie is now working in her “purpose” in helping other birthmothers like herself. She talked about how “Important it is to be “Heard” as a Birthmother and be shown compassion and care. We sometimes see familiar family…

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20: Marcie – “What’s in Your Secret Shoebox?”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 01/28/2022 |

Marcie expresses her miraculous find in the closet in a shoebox. Hear about her premise and story in her book, “ The Shoebox Effect “. We learn about how Marcie “buried” memories from years before as many birth mothers. Her beloved pet leads her to explore and uncover all the secrets and pain in her life.

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