15: Rosalie – “Forgiveness Helped Me To Heal“

By D Yvonne Rivers | 10/22/2021 |

Rosalie is a mom who experienced many life changes after becoming a birth mom. She experienced the “shame” of exile in her home as well as her ‘voice’ of a mom along with her daughter, Emily. Rosalie shares what helped her for many years before her reunion and speaks about “Hope and Expectation” and Forgiveness…

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14: Amy – “Secrets in the Adoption Closet “

By Jonas Lima | 10/08/2021 |

Amy shared her story of being a birth mom thorough the eyes of also being an adoptee. The twists and turns of her life set the path to life she leads today as a therapist. Amy talks about her” Path to Healing’ and how “Secrets Keep You Sick “.

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13: Haley – “I Didn’t Know What to Do“

By D Yvonne Rivers | 10/01/2021 |

Haley was a teenager living in Utah facing the difficult decision of telling her parents of her discovery of being pregnant. She was “scared to death”. Through the days of feeling lonely and her feelings not being validated, she moved through her journey of “not knowing what to do” about many situations that she was…

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12: Candace – “I Am Good Enough to Be a Mother”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 09/24/2021 |

Candace went through life without a tremendous amount of self-esteem. She talks about her family traditions of doing what they needed to do. She had a resilient spirit. Candace realized that she had more than she lacked to be a mother.

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11: Lori – “Reunion is Hard”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 09/18/2021 |

Lori shares openly what we as birth moms say in silence, “Reunion is Hard”. Lori’s journey shares her desires of her heart of being in reunion with her child. Lori is a champion in helping birth moms steer through the obstacles and “roller coaster emotional rides” of being a birth mom.

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10: Nikki – I Am Always A Mom

By D Yvonne Rivers | 09/11/2021 |

Nikki shares her journey about she is always a mom whether she is with her child her not. Her pathway to healing and empowerment comes through her love and sharing spirit with other birth moms as she navigates this journey. She shares about the years not seeing her child and pending reunion.

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9: Lynea – “I Wanted Someone to Hold My Hand”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 09/04/2021 |

Lynea has long been a healing force in the adoption community. She is a champion in the adoption community because her experiences becoming a birth mom. Lynea is committed to share there is “Joy through the Pain”. Lynea says “ I Needed Someone to Hold My hand”. That kind and simple gesture makes such a…

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8: Rose – “Who is Talking to the Elephant in the Room”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 08/28/2021 |

Rose shares her story for the first time with “Birth Moms Real Talk” podcast with the encouragement from an unique situation. Rose talks about wanting to talk about her child but feeling very fearful that she will be heard. She says it was like “Who will talk to the Elephant in the Room”?

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7: Vicky – “Love has No Color”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 08/21/2021 |

Vicky is a birth mom who experienced a challenging childhood like many others. Vicky found out through her journey that “Love Has No Color”. Vicky talks dialogues that are prevalent in our society today.

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6: Yvonne – I Felt Like I Could Breathe Again

By D Yvonne Rivers | 08/14/2021 |

In a way, this is my own Birth Moms Real Talk episode from an interview with Damon L. Davis, host of the “Who Am I Really?” podcast. We discussed my reunion with my son after more than 40 years apart. I shared the loneliness of my pregnancy, my desire to keep her son versus against…

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