4: Nikki – I Am Always A Mom

Nikki shares her journey about she is always a mom whether she is with her child her not. Her pathway to healing and empowerment comes through her love and sharing spirit with other birth moms as she navigates this journey. She shares about the years of not seeing her child and pending reunion.


  1. Steve Lewis on 07/19/2021 at 1:50 AM

    Hello Miss Rivers, I just listened to your pod cast, Episode 4, July 17, 2021, my daughter Nikki. I’m so glad you reunited with your son , you waited so long! Thanks for listening to so many people that have been waiting to share their stories. Sorry , I’m Steven , Nikki’s dad. I learned things from your podcast with her I never knew. I will wish Nikki a “Happy Mother’s Day” from now on. I’ve never realized how an adoption was formulated on paper, a Triad. Yes three entities all with hurt, love, wonder, and voids to be filled. Thank you for talking to my daughter and sharing your story will the world . We have airplane reservations to fly out and visit Nikki’s daughter,(our grand child) ( Nikki will arrive 2 days ahead of us) in August of 2021, soon! I hope she will accept us and this will be the beginning of a long awaited family family reunion with lots of visits to come.

    • D Yvonne Rivers on 08/17/2021 at 4:25 PM

      Thanks Steve, WOW, what a testimony. I am so happy that you learned something that you didn’t know from BMRT podcast. This went to spam which caused my delay in responding. Please keep listening and review our podcast. Thanks again

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