38: Fran – Finding Peace from Unbearable Loss

By D Yvonne Rivers | 08/05/2022 |

Fran shares her journey of placing her child and experiencing “unbearable loss”. Her story shares the intricate journey of the experience of isolation and grief. Fran is now a social worker and has found the path to peace.

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37: Kitty – A Recurring Family History

By D Yvonne Rivers | 07/29/2022 |

Kitty is a birth mom in reunion, and she holds a unique position in the adoption triad community. Kitty is an adoptee, birth mom, and adoptive mom. She brings a focused lens to all perspectives and shares openly how she is on a journey of healing. Kitty talks about a recurring family history that adds…

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36: Sharon – “Never Spoken Of Again”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 07/22/2022 |

Sharon came from a large family and was a steady support for her siblings. She was an honor society student. Sharon had a great adventure of participating in training in Washington, DC. after high school. Sharon realized her naivete when she became pregnant. Sharon shares her journey of becoming pregnant and making an adoption plan…

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35: Barbara – “ Writing Our Secrets Healed Us”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 07/15/2022 |

Barbara’s experience of becoming a birth mom started with a childhood of “conformist’ parents. If something traumatic happened, they simply did not talk about it. At the age of 17, Barbara did not get “ The Talk “ from her mother, like many young girls. Barbara was exposed to the “ Secrets of the Family” that…

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34: Ashley – “ I Took the Road less Traveled “

By D Yvonne Rivers | 07/08/2022 |

Ashley is not the stereotype like society may describe as a Birth Mom. She had her path laid before her to follow in the footsteps of her father. Ashley followed that path as a ‘ people pleaser ’ as she described herself. Ashley received the accolades she always wanted as she felt ‘ starved for love’ in her life. The…

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33: Yvonne – I Felt Like I Could Breathe Again

By D Yvonne Rivers | 07/01/2022 |

In a way, this is my own Birth Moms Real Talk episode from an interview with Damon L. Davis, host of the “Who Am I Really?” podcast. We discussed my reunion with my son after more than 40 years apart. I shared the loneliness of my pregnancy, my desire to keep her son versus against…

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30: Ruby Lee – “Don’t be Selfish, Do the Right Thing”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 06/03/2022 |

Ruby Lee grew up in a middle-class family in the Midwest. As a teenager, Ruby Lee started a bi-racial relationship with her boyfriend. Ruby knew that was unacceptable by the racist language used by her father in the home. She lost friends who didn’t support this relationship. The support she expected from the birth father…

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Episode 29 – Laura – “ You’ll Forget This Ever Happened”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 05/20/2022 |

As soon as Laura announced to her parents that she was pregnant, she was driven on a late-night ride to a military base where her father confronted the birth father. Laura’s childhood convinced her that her knight will come for her on a white horse to rescue her. Laura held onto this ray of hope…

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Episode 28 – Rebekkah – “ I Finally Knew What I Wanted”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 05/13/2022 |

Rebekkah’s childhood was a lifestyle of many twists and turns, She experienced adoption first hand when she was adopted by her step- father. She talked about how it felt to receive her second birth certificate, it was even a different color. In college, Rebekkah developed her independent spirit. Her move to Atlanta gave her the direction…

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27: Mother’s Day – “Angie, Ashley and Laura”

By D Yvonne Rivers | 05/06/2022 |

We interview 3 Birth Mothers for this special podcast to celebrate Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is such an emotional holiday. Will our child, call, text, or send flowers?  Will they remember me as their mother, if we are in reunion? If we are not in reunion, are they thinking about me. Angie, Ashley, and Laura…

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